Case Study - Plaster Authentication
The Degas Sculpture Project Ltd
As has been widely reported, seventy-five previously unknown Edgar Degas sculptures in plaster were uncovered between 2001 and 2004 at the Valsuani Foundry in Chevreuse, France. Since the plasters were not documented or known, extensive research was undertaken to determine their origins and authenticity. The critical criteria for determining the authenticity of the plasters was whether they were made (cast) directly from Degas' original waxes. Over the past ten years, hundreds of pages of evidence and documentation have been assembled substantiating that, except for two, the plasters were made from Degas' waxes. The discovery and research was brought to the attention of the legal heirs of Edgar Degas who authorized the casting of bronze editions from the plasters. The first museum exhibition of the bronzes took place in November, 2009. Eight more international museum exhibitions have taken place since then and more will follow. The Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen